DIE-t or LIVE-t

October 30, 2021



Are you consuming food or is food consuming you? 

Join us at Sacred Rootz (Located inside Central Station) for a highly requested community health class!  Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Counselor, Khet Waas Hutip, will be covering the importance of eating to live!

For those transitioning into a healthier lifestyle and for those who are fully vegan or plant based, we encourage you to come with your appetite!  Our complimentary plant based "buffet" will be provided by  &

Only 25 tickets are available for online purchase.   We ask all attendees to limit video recording during the lecture portion of the event.

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Sacred Rootz, LLC is now offering self paced, Holistic Health courses online!  


This online course is led & guided by Master Herbalist and Educator, Khet Wass Hutip.  In this course we extensively cover health, diagnosis of disease, expression of disease effects and ways to detect disease. We learn the importance of nutrition from an African perspective.


Learn the use of food, herbs and supplements to heal disease and prevent disease.  To ensure understanding, there will be quizzes, test, & other modalities that must be met.  Upon completion, each student will be certified as a Nutritional Counselor, Level 1 and receive their dual certification.

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Always a pleasure. He provides straight up advice no sugar coating. I truly appreciate his guidance and healing products. I strongly recommend you have a conversation with him. You won't be disappointed.

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I found out about this company via Instagram so I purchased herbs online for home delivery. Fast shipping, products were packaged nicely and came with instructions. I also loved the ritual instructions that came along with the packing slip. I highly recommend the Sea Moss, mine came in a powder form. I've only been taking it for a week and I can definitely feel the difference. Will definitely be ordering again.



I recommend this to anyone wanting to have a better quality of life! Healing mind, body, and soul. 
The wisdom taught at the classes is extremely valuable and can be life changing. Thank you Sacred Rootz!

We want to know your story!  So many of our clients turned family come in to share how they have healed their body from so many different aliments and diseases.  We now encourage you to share your story with others who may be on a similar journey as you and need to know they too are capable!  If you would like to become a featured story on our Testimonials Page, click here to complete our online questionnaire.

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Greetings! Thank you for visiting Sacred Rootz, LLC! Sacred Rootz, LLC was created to provide a natural source of healing, which Mother nature has and continues to provide for us unselfishly. With the many distractions and  technologies of the world, we as a people have forgotten about our roots and have become out of tune with nature. 


We have observed through customers and television that the western concept of medicinal cures result in more side effects than healing. “Alternative medicine” (alter=change, native=born of nature, original inhabitant), as the western world calls it, has been replaced as the first choice of healing with synthetic unnatural drugs. 


We don’t call herbs, ”Alternative Medicine," for this is the original and first means of healing, unlike synthetic medicines. Synthetic means, “fake or artificial,” and nothing artificial can heal a natural body. We encourage people to return to their natural nature and then one will see that their whole being is sacred. 


Here at Sacred Rootz, LLC, we strive to educate that "livit" (or so called DIEt), lifestyle and spirituality play an important role in your health and well-being. At Sacred Rootz, all herbs are grown organically for optimal healing. On our site, you will find herbs to heal you and your family, discussion on food choices the pros and cons, spirituality, knowledge of the different systems of the body, and true caring about your health and well being.  

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We have an extensive herbal selection of locally grown herbs and herbs that are indigenous to a specific region (because when grown there, they will yield the best medicinal results).  We have been in business with our trusted partners for over a decade to ensure high quality herbs, roots and powders.  


Only whole, medicinal-grade herbs with abundant phyto-nutrients and medicinal potency are selected for our store.  All herbs on average pass 15 tests before reaching us​.  These lab tests consist of the Organoleptic Visual Check, Acid-Insoluble Ash Test, Pesticide Test and Individual Heavy Metal Tests to name a few.  To further ensure authenticity, electron microscopy is used to examine the cellular structure of the herb.

Our herbs are repeatedly cleansed and rinsed in water that has been softened and purified to high standards to remove dirt and other impurities— NEVER with tap water that may contain heavy metals or industrial solvents.  If you have questions about the origins of a specific herb, please be sure to send us a message below!

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Please contact us via this form for issues with your order, ONLY.  If you have any health related questions in regards to cancer, diabetes, STDs, high blood pressure, etc., please click here to schedule a one on one consultation, via in person or over the phone.

Please allow up to 48 hours for our response, thanks!