(Ibervillea sonorae) Wereke, also known as Guareque, Wareki, Wareque, Coyote Melon, and Choyalhuani, refers to the root of the Ibervillea sonorae plant. The plant grows delicate, leafy vines, but a rather large tuber-like root that has been used for medicinal purposes. It naturally grows in Central America, although it may also be found in southern areas of the  United States and Mexico. It has a very strong, bitter taste, and because of this it is often only tolerated in small amounts or many be masked by other flavors. Wereke is most popular for healing diabetes because of its cleansing effect of the pancreas. Wereke also purifies the blood and the lymphatic system and belongs to the gourd or pumpkin family, which includes plants that have biochemical compounds that can reduce the levels of sugar in the blood. The ancient Mayans use to take root of the hereke and make it into a tea which was used to treat stomach ulcers and skin diseases. Because of its bitter taste, its recommended to use in small doses or in capsules.