TEPEZCOHUITE (MIMOSA TENUIFLORA) Tepezcohite is a tree bark, also known in Mexico as the “skin tree”, whose bark has significant anti-microbial, analgesic, and regenerative to cells.  The most common uses of tepezcohuite is stopping hair loss, treat burns, prevent premature skin aging and improve stretch marks and remove warts.  The plant is used topically on skin abrasions, burns, but can be used in capsules to heal stomach ulcers. Not only does Tepezcohuite work wonders on the skin, it also is great for the hair. Tepezcohuite helps regenerate the hair from the roots and stops hair loss, it is loaded with bioflavonoids and tannins that has incredible antioxidant functions that can help in maintaining clean and healthy hair. Simple to use, just mix powder with your favorite oil (Vitamin E oil or coconut oil) and make into a paste. Apply as a face mask, on bruises, sores, burns, or scalp to alleviate dandruff problems.