SUMA POWDER (PFAFFIA PANICULATA) Suma is an adaptogen herb, one used to heal and prevent disease. It is a nutrient herb that helps protect the immune system, relieves stress and helps the body to adapt to many environmental and psychological stresses of the world. It is an herb that benefits both men and women because it restores sexual function, protects against viral infections, and benefits cancer victims. Suma also contains allantoin, which is a compound known to promote healing of wounds and new cell growth. Another benefit of this herb is that it contains two plant hormones, sitosterol and stipmasterol, found to be beneficial to human metabolism by increasing circulation and decreasing high blood cholesterol levels. Sitosterol enhances the body’s natural production of estrogen when depleted. It works to prevent the random release of free radicals. Portuguese call suma “para todo” meaning “For everything” which is a good indication of what this herb is capable of healing. Suma is also high in iron and magnesium.

Suma Powder