Nopal is a cactus that grows in Latin America and is a staple in the diet usually used for its low calories and its anti-inflammatory benefits. The ability of Nopales to fight inflammation in the muscles, arteries, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system is a well known fact. It has also been shown to lower pain in people with urethra and bladder, bladder infections as well as gallstones. Nopales are rich in antioxidants known as betalins. These anti-oxidants hinder premature aging, encourage healthy cells and assist in detoxification. High blood sugar can lead to diabetes, heart disease and stroke, according to the National Institutes of Health. Cactus leaf has a positive effect on blood sugar levels in healthy adults as well as those suffering from diabetes and obesity. Nopales are particularly useful to people suffering from non-insulin diabetes. It has been found to lower and balance blood pressure. Studies have demonstrated that nopal cactus; Opuntia streptacantha may actually lower blood sugar by restraining the liver from releasing glucose into the blood. It contains fibrous pectin which assists in reducing diabetic condition, hence doing away with the need for insulin. The insoluble fiber also reduces the urge to eat all the time since it makes you feel full all the time. Nopal powder is excellent for a variety of ailments such as: ● Detoxify the body ●  strengthen urinary system in women ● Increase energy ● Strong antioxidant ● Anti-inflammatory properties ● Antiviral ● Reduce pain & promotes healing (Analgesic) ● Topically used to aid in the healing of burns, cuts, wounds, & fractures ● Boost the immune system ● Help with hyperglycemia & diabetes ● Protect against fluid retention ● Neutralize free radicals ● Reduce blood sugar ● Help the body to reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers. Add 1-2 teaspoons of nopal powder to soup, juice or your favorite smoothie and enjoy!