Mugwort, also called wormwood, is excellent for female complications such as suppressed menstruation and menstrual cramps. It is especially good when combined with black haw (also carried by Sacred Rootz) for these problems. Mugwort is good in kidney formulas when there is gravel and stones.  Mugwort helps regulate as well as stimulate flow of digestive juices. This facilitates healthy digestion and also defends against microbial infection occurring in the intestines. Traditional use of mugwort tea includes its use as a calmative and tonic. It is also used to get relief from muscle and body pain. As an diuretic, mugwort tea helps increase urination, both in quantity & frequency. This effectively removes fluid wastes from the body such as fat, salts & uric acid. Mugwort is helpful in stomach pains, insomnia, epilepsy, fevers, flu, and menstrual cramps. Order your Mugwort today!