(LEONURUS CARDIACA) Leonurus, the genus name, means “lion’s tail” because many believed the plant’s leaves resembled the tip of a lion’s tail. Cardiaca, the species name, means “for the heart.”  More popular name for this plant is called Motherwort. The word “mother” should give you an indication that it is beneficial to women. Motherwort has been used for centuries to regulate a rapid heartbeat. It is known widely for its use of heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat caused by anxiety or stress. Though motherwort is not safe during pregnancy, it is however great for after birth. Motherwort tea is great for relaxing the uterus and also expedite the recovery of the uterus after birth. The positive effects that motherwort has on the uterus helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Motherwort is also good for breastfeeding mothers as it increases the milk supply. Other uses of Motherwort include: Heart failure, absence of menstrual cycle, hyperthyroidism, flatulence (intestinal gas), muscle relaxer, anxiety, and stress.