MELANIN is a sophisticated chemical that controls virtually every aspect of our lives.  The Pineal Gland secretes MELANIN which regulates all bodily functions and gland (cycles, circadian rhythms) in the body. It is located in fuctional regions throughout the body as well as the environment (rivers, streams, lakes, soil, plants and animals). It prevents major, as well as minor, diseases. We also see the world and experience it differently due to MELANIN’S sedative and civilizing effects. You can charge up your MELANIN just by being in the sun or around the right type of musical sounds or other energy sources. All of these wonderful attributes can be altered if MELANIN is exposed to improper environments. MELANIN then becomes toxic to the body. (from Melanin-What makes Black People Black by Llaila Afrika and Melanin: The Chemical Key To Black Greatness by Carol Barnes). In other words, MELANIN is important because it controls all mental and physical body activities. If you do not purify your melanin, you can not heal your body of diseases. Our MELANIN FORMULA is blended with the most powerful herbs to cleanse the pineal gland, rejuvenate and protect the brain cells as well as the bodies cells. Our MELANIN FORMULA is great for those who have suffered from strokes, Alzheimers, ADD, ADHD,  and mental fatigue. Also this formula is good for longevity, lack of energy, immune system, memory, and mental clarity.  Restore your MELANIN and the GOD in you with our MELANIN FORMULA!

Melanin Formula