Lily of the valley is an herb that has a reputation of treating heart complaints and is a valuable cardiac tonic. Lily of the valley helps slow down the actions of the heart and increase the force of heart contractions. Lily of the valley contains twenty cardiac glycosides which are a class of medications used to treat heart failure and certain irregular heart beats. Cardiac glycoside works on the heart disorders much the same way as digitalis, but without the side effects.  It can also help with water retention, which often accompanies heart problems, and works to strengthen the heart and the arteries. Lily of the valley has been used to treat brain weakness and memory problems. Lily of the valley contains potassium, which is effective in dissolving fibrous and catarrhal matter. Its calcium content is essential for the heart. It also contains iron, which strengthens the blood and helps slow the growth of varicose ulcers and veins, tumors, cancers, ulcerated gums and gangrene. Combining this herb with Hawthorn berry is a great tonic for the strengthening the vascular system, especially the capillaries. Lily of the valley can also be used to treat such ailments as epilepsy, vertigo, palsy, heart palpitations, and apoplexy. Order your Lily of the Valley today! YOUR HEALTH IS SACRED

Lily Of The Valley