(Hyssopus Officinalis) Hyssop is an herb with stimulating, expectorant qualities that make it great for removing congestion from the lungs. Colds, coughs, asthma, poor circulation, sore throat are all treated with this herb. Hyssop has been used for cleansing rituals and as medicine in ancient times. Today, it is known that the volatile oil and other ingredients that are contained in the leaves and green stems in fact have antibacterial, antiviral and other beneficial properties. It is also diaphoretic (induces sweating) which may relieve the symptoms in patients with fever and has anti-inflammatory properties.  A good infusion mixed with elderberry and coltsfoot is great for asthma and heavy mucus conditions. The infusion with hyssop and blue vervain is good for dispelling gas and alleviate digestive issues. Since hyssop works as a diuretic (increase the urine output) it can help flush out excess sodium from the body and therefore lower blood pressure. Externally, the leaves can heal cuts and bruises.