Hawthorn is great medicinal herb.  Regular use of Hawthorn berries can strengthen the heart muscles. It has ability to help lower blood pressure and improve heart rate, by increasing the flow of blood to the heart. It also is used in preventing arteriosclerosis and in helping such conditions as heart valve defects, an enlarged heart, reduces the symptoms of angina, coronary artery disease and reduces the degeneration of blood vessels. It is a good preventive herb, meaning taking it can combat diseases before actual symptoms occur, as many herbs can. Combined with gingko, which Sacred Rootz also carries, hawthorn is also used to enhance poor memory. Hawthorn is high in vitamins C and B-complex. It contains sodium, silicon, phosphorus, and smaller amounts of iron, zinc, sulphur, nickel, tin, aluminum and veryllium.

Hawthorne Leaves