(Polygonum multiflorum)  Fo-ti is great at reducing water retention. Studies have shown it has anti tumor effects, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, reversal on grey hair, high iron content, improves blood flow, improvement in memory and nerve function, a great source of zinc and aids in repairing DNA.
Things found in nature often resemble the things that they treat in the body. For example a tomato is red and has four chambers like the human heart, which it is known to help protect. The Fo-ti root has a vine that spirals and coils much like how the double helix of human DNA. Fo-ti root has been shown to increase the body’s production of Superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase levels decrease with age and this allows more opportunities for cells to incur genetic defects. Superoxide dismutase also helps toremove Superoxide, a free radical found to damage tissue and DNA.  The synthesis of nucleic acids and protens requires zinc. Many of the proteins that help with DNA repair are zinc associated. (contain zinc or require zinc to function.)
Fo-ti root is extremely rich in zinc and its daily consumption prevents deficiency of this vital trace mineral. Male semen has a high concentration of zinc. When semen is lost without replenishing zinc through a longevity livit (diet), it will soon leat to a deficiency for men, especially after a lifetime of reckless ejaculation. A zinc deficiency will cause low libido, low fertility and a greatly increased risk of prostate cancer. This is definitely one of the top fertility herbs for men!

Fo-Ti Root