(TANTACETUM PARTHENIUM)  Feverfew has many medicinal benefits. One of the oldest and most commonly praised benefit of feverfew is its effect on headaches and migraines. One of the effects of the active ingredients in it is its prevention of platelet build-up in capillaries and blood vessels. This is what causes tension in the cardiovascular system and causes headaches and migraines. By relieving and relaxing these vessels, feverfew can quickly eliminate these painful conditions. For thousands of years, feverfew has been used to prevent pain throughout the body, not just the pain of headaches and migraines. It can also be used following surgery or an injury for rapid and long-lasting relief. Being that it can used for pain relief, it means that it has volatile (tissue repair) compounds in the plant to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Especially those who suffer from chronic arthritis, joint pain, gout, and other inflammatory conditions. Other health benefits of Feverfew include its ability to relieve stress, ease menstrual discomfort, increase appetite for those looking to gain weight, and boost respiratory health.