Felines are clever, protective, nurturing, resilient and always putting out energy, sometimes more than she receives. When our bodies are out of balance and also with changing emotions we eat foods that causes disease. Also drinking large amounts of alcohol can alter the heaviness of your cycle and cause it to become irregular. And also with stress, chemical reactions occur in the body that can throw off its natural chemistry.
When we intake the blood of dead flesh, we take on those vibrations, chemicals and DNA of these beings. We also take on the energy and chemicals in sperm from our partners.  It’s important to know what you put into your bodies because you are the creators of this planet.
Food is very addictive. We become addicted through chemicals that are added to foods. Not to mention the chemicals that the animals were injected with, not just growth hormones, but also vaccines they take for disease in their species. They cause dis-ease which in turn causes us to go to the hospital to seek cures which can’t be found in their practices. They’re playing with our lives and we need to know the importance of health and pass it onto our children, so they can be the best they can be.
The main reproductive issues we seem to continuously get questioned about is FIBROIDS, ENDOMETRIOSIS, CYSTS, INFERTILITY AND CANCER. With research we’ve observed the diets were filled with fried foods, large amounts of meats, sodas, sugary snacks and not enough water. The body did not have what it needed, nutritionally to protect itself; and the foods and chemicals within the meat were throwing off the bodies normal chemistry. In return you have abnormal cells, growths and heavy menstrual cycles, all the bodies way of trying to rid and protect itself from foreign invaders trying to overthrow the soviergn cells. All the while in taking sperm of different partners which means you are in taking all of what he puts into his body also.
A livit aka (diet) full of vegetables and fruits will help your body rid itself of the poison we intake daily and also your partner. A detox is needed to eliminate the chemicals that are present in the body, so you can begin to rebuild healthy habits.
Most cravings we have come from the chemicals that have entered our bodies through the food and drinks we consume. For example Cancer cells sustain themselves through glucose also known as blood sugar. Glucose is what the body converts carbohydrates to, to fuel the bodies cells. The Cancer consumes this glucose at about 10x the rate of our bodies normal cells, So this in turn causes us to want sweets, fried foods, etc. to keep feeding the invaders in your body.
Fibroids and cycts are also a way the body protects itself from poison. Poisonous chemicals and waste are entrapped in what we call cysts and fibroids to not let it into the bloodstream. If released into the bloodstream it can cause infertility or possibly death.
Endometriosis is irregular tissue growth outside and surrounding the womb. This tissue growth is the same tissue that lines the womb wall and when your cycle starts these tissues also shed and cause excessive menstruation and internal bleeding. When women are diagnosed with this dis-ease usually they are counted out as infertile.
You are declared infertile when you have tried to become pregnant for at least a years time and have no success. This is foolish because your body is very intelligent and when it comes to impregnation there is basically a perfect moment that you have to become pregnant. The male involved also plays a big part with the health of his sperm. But once again these chemical we ingest through our foods throw off our chemistry. Our body works off of electricity and chemicals. When we alter this by placing chemically unsound foods in our bodies we are doing ourselves a disservice.
FELINE FORMULA.  It helps put the felines chemistry back in order and supplies the body with the minerals and vitamins it needs to help get the felines reproductive organs functioning properly.

Feline Power