(Sambucus nigra)  Cold and Flu season are here again and the germs will be making their rounds soon enough. Today’s herb of the day, Elderflower is another of our herbs that combat a variety of ailments and promote general wellness.  Elderflower is a very strong herb; it stimulates energy, vigor, resilience, joy and our innate powers of recovery and renewal of energy. Elderflower is also an alterative which means that it slowly changes an unhealthy condition of an organ to healthy and ultimately bringing a good condition to the whole body. Elderflower tea reduces inflammation of rheumatism, gout and arthritis especially when made worse by damp, cold weather. It is also used for the onset of upper respiratory infection, colds, tonsillitis, sinus, laryngitis, flu, aches and chills. It also stimulates circulation, which causes sweating which in turn cleanses the body through the pores of the skin therefore healing a fever and infection. Get ahead of the Cold and Flu season and order your Elderflower today! Your Health is Sacred!