(Aristolochia Grandiflora) The duck flower, also known as Flora de pato is a blossom of the contribo vine.  It is well known and made popular in the states by the great ancestor Dr. Sebi who would give it to patients at the Usha Village as a means to detox the body of impurities.  The duck flower is a very aggressive detox and has an emetic (to cause to vomit) effect on the body.  One must prepare themselves for such a detox as it will cleanse the body within 8 hours. Prepare to stay home for the day! How to use the duck flower? 1) Soak flower in freshwater for one hour to rehydrate. 
2) Consume the entire soaked flower, chewing thoroughly. Or you may blend it with 2 tablespoons of water or natural fruit juice and consume. 3) During the course of the detox, consume adequate amounts of liquid with electrolytes – coconut water is ideal.  If you vomit or pass faeces you MUST rehydrate with alakaline, spring, or coconut water. I prefer coconut water due to electrolytes,  magnesium and potassium in the water. After the cleanse, be sure to ease back into eating by eating fruits, soup, or vegetable broth. The benefits of using the duck flower is: removal of parasites,  weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, removes excess waste and mucus.  *DO NOT USE if pregnant* Also not intended for children.

Duck Flower