(Amphipterygium Adstringens)  Cuachalalate bark is used as a tea for the treatment of stomach problems and gastric ulcers. In Mexican traditional medicine, the tree bark is decocted and drunk as a tea for a variety of health problems such as gastric ulcers, liver problems, blood purifier, kidney infections, lowering cholesterol,  gall bladder stones, mouth ulcers, toothache, intermittent fevers, varicose veins, diabetes, against typhoid fever, malaria, and stomach cancer.  As far as kidney function goes, the bark of this tree acts as a great diuretic to eliminate edema, and reduces various inflammation that kidney problems can cause.  How to consume? Mix and boil with other herbs such as cocolmeca, Burdock root, Sarsaparilla, and schisandra berries for a delicious drink high in minerals. Order your Cuachalalte today!