Here at Sacred Rootz we offer one of our best selling detox formulas “Clean Mi out” detox.. Great for colon flush, strengthens intestinal walls, scraps dried fecal matter off your walls, and acts as a conditioner to the colon without feeling uncomfortable. It’s a 3 part package which comes with chelation capsules to cleanse the cells of the body.  Also the Clean Mi out blood purifier tea great for removing toxins out of the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, and gallbladder. The tea is also good for weight loss as it dissolve fat cells, regulates blood sugar levels, and boost immune system. When detoxing the body of impurities, you always want to replenish the cells with the proper nutrients, so we also give you our powerful greenlight formula. The full body detox also comes with instructions and a food list to assist you during your detox.  Your Health is Sacred!!!

Clean Mi Out (Full Body Detox)