(Verbena Hastata) Blue vervain (also known as verbena) is an attractive perennial plant, with lavender-blue flowers, belonging to the mint family. Blue vervain is used to treat colds, coughs, and fever by expelling mucus from the lungs and the throat by cooling the body through sweating. Between the sweating and the diuretic effect it has, it makes a wonderful herbal remedy in removing toxins from the body. Blue vervain can be used to increase contractions during labor (though it is NOT SAFE during pregnancy because it stimulates the uterus which may result in miscarriage) and increase a mother’s milk flow for breastfeeding. It is also useful in inducing menstruation, help regulate menses, treat painful cramps, relieve premenstrual symptoms, and increase libido. Blue vervain contains vitamin C, E, calcium, and manganese.  Blue vervain is used for fever, colds, flu, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, consumption, eyedrops strengthens the optic nerve and clears vision, good for malaria, jaundice, excellent for shortness of breath and wheezing, inflammation, dysentery, diarrhea, douche for leukorrhea, expels worms, nerves, migraines, epilepsy, delirium, headaches, plague, insomnia, skin disorders,  female disorders, and stomach, bowel, cystitis,  and colon problems. Considered a blood tonic. Externally, the tea heals sores, wounds, neuralgia, snakebite, vaginal itching,  and ulcers. With all of these healing powers, blue vervain is a must have in the medicine cabinet.

Blue Vervain