(Vaccinium myrtillus) Let us help you gain clear vision with BILBERRY. BILBERRY is an age old remedy that has been rediscovered. Along with vitamin E and other supplements that supply oxygen to the blood, BILBERRY is considered an herb beneficial in preventing cataracts. It has the ability to protect the eyes against damage caused by diabetes. BILBERRY benefits the eyes because it strengthens the capillaries that surround them. This herb feeds the capillaries and improves circulation by altering the ability of fluids and nourishment to pass through them. Of course, these benefits apply to all capillaries, veins and arteries in the body, so this herb improves circulation to the feet, hands, brain and heart and helps in reducing obstruction of arteries by plaque deposits. Bilberry inhibits blood platelets sticking together so blood clots can be reduced. This herb is rich in bioflavinoids, manganese, phosphorus, iron and zinc. It contains moderate amounts of magnesium, potassium and selenium and also contains trace amounts of calcium, sodium and silicon.