Baobab fruit pulp is among the most nutritious food in all of creation. However, few realize that the leaves are also a very rich vegetable. Many parts of the plant are also used in traditional medicine. In traditional African Medicine, Baobab Fruit Pulp, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and oil are commonly used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Though new to the western market as a “super fruit”, Africans have been using this plant for thousands of years, coined “The Tree of Life”. Being that the human body doesn’t produce vitamin C on its own, its important that we get it from our food source. One of the key benefits of vitamin C is that it helps to keep our immune system strong, supporting our body’s defense against infections, diseases and other illnesses. This is just one powerful component of the Baobab plant, it is packed with vitamin C which makes it great for the immune system. With over 40% of the worlds population suffering from iron deficiency, many turn to synthetic iron supplements which in turn causes nausea and constipation because the body cannot absorb it properly. A less known fact is that vitamin C is needed to help the body absorb iron so pairing iron with vitamin C actually increases absorption. As baobab is a rich natural source of vitamin C, it is easily accessible to the body and is better absorbed than synthetic supplements to increase iron levels in those who suffer from anemia. Baobab has been used to heal almost every dis-ease including malaria, tuberculosis, fever, microbial infections, diarrhea, anemia, toothache, viruses and dysentery.  The baobab has an extremely high fiber content, and this is one of the biggest ways it helps you lose weight. This fiber often has a laxative-like effect, which clears out your digestive system and helps remove toxins, waste from your body, and bloating. Other health benefits of the Baobab tree include cancer prevention, diabetes, arthritis, heart issues, aids digestion, brain function, clear glowing skin, and pregnancy.

Baobab Fruit Powder