Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, has a wide range of health benefits, including its ability to fight against cancer and diabetes, as well as reduce inflammation, arthritis, asthma, hypertension, stress, and rheumatism. Furthermore, it boosts your supply of antioxidants and regulates the immune system. It also has antibacterial and anticonvulsant properties. Ashwangangha contains adaptogens, which are a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs that modulate your response to stress or a changing environment. Adaptogens help the body cope with external stresses such as toxins in the environment and internal stresses such as anxiety and insomnia. Ashwagandha acts on the endocrine system by encouraging hormonal balance especially in women suffering from menopause, hot flashes, insomnia, and anxiety. As a sexual stimulate, the herb supports sexual health and vitality by increasing blood flow and reducing bodily tension. Women taking ashwagandha typically experience an increase in sexual desire and satisfaction. With so many positive effects that Ashwangandha has, it is a must have in your herbal medicine cabinet. Order yours now from Sacred Rootz, Your Health Is Sacred!