Anti-Viral Formula

Anti-Viral Formula


(65 Capsules) Viruses are harmful microorganisms, or pathogenic, microbes ( commonly known afunguss “germs” or “bugs”).. Viruses are the smallest of all the microbes; millions would cover the head of a pin.


Many viruses can remain inactive for long periods and survive freezing, boiling, and chemical attack, yet they can activate suddenly when they have living cells, or host cells, in order to replicate themselves. The typical virus particle has a single or double strand of genetic material (nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA) surrounded by a shell-like coat of protein, the capsid, and sometimes a protective outer envelope.


A virus is not a parasite, but a condition that is conducive to parasites. Millions of Americans are infected with many different viruses. A virus fosters the growth and development of microorganisms that are parasitic in nature.


Viral infections mean the body is too acidic and too anaerobic (lacking oxygen). Viral infections cannot survive an alkalized body with good circulation of oxygen, so it is important that one ingest alkaline foods and plenty of water ( preferably alkaline). Viral infections such as Herpes I and II, Epstein Barr, Shingles, Viral Hepatitis, Viral Pneumonia, etc. and many viral-based or related childhood diseases that manifest on the skin is a clear indicator that the body’s blood and lymph fluids are toxic and need serious cleansing.


When you cleanse the blood and lymph fluids of the body you’re dramatically boosting the immune system.  A weakened immune system is always implicated in viral infections.  Our Anti-Viral Formula is a powerful herbal combination blended by our Master Herbalist, Khet Waas Hutip.  If you have any questions about best use of this formula and client results, schedule a consultation.