What Exactly is a Virus?

Viruses are a type of microbe or microorganism which are simply tiny living things too small to be seen by the eye. Viruses are the smallest of microbes that have no cells of their own. Meaning, that they are essentially, "zombies" in the body requiring a host cell for it to become alive and reproduce!

Viruses are basically proteins and genetic material that survive and replicate within their environment, inside of another life form. Without a host, they are unable to survive for long in the extracellular (outside the cell) environment.

Cells that are weak, full of waste, highly acidic, oxygen deprived, etc. causes the overtaking of these viruses.

Common Types of Viruses Include:

The Common Cold, Influenza, Herpes I & II, Epstein Barr, Shingles, Viral Hepatitis, & Viral Pneumonia.

How to Fight Viral Infections?

Your frontline defense to fight any sort of dis-ease from the body begins with the MIND! You must want to be healed and know that you are already healed. Understand, when you feel, "sick," it actually is your body at work defending itself. Eating healthy foods, practicing healthy thoughts and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping the body balanced.

Our Anti-Viral Formula is blended with natures most powerful herbs with antiviral and anthelmintic (destroys parasites) properties that have been traditionally used to promote and maintain optimal health and wellbeing!

About Our Anti-Viral Formula

This in house formula blended by our Master Herbalist, helps build the immune system, fight against diseases and infections, promotes healing of the blood and lymphatic fluid, helps to alkalize and oxygenate the blood, soothes and heals skin eruptions and blisters and works to purge toxins from the cells.

Many of our clients have found much success when it comes to healing the body from various viruses mentioned earlier. Do not let this fear driven society tell you things are incurable, take control over your mind and your health!


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