What is Gout and why does it occur?

This article is about gout and ways to heal this arthritic dis-ease. Before healing any dis-ease, one needs to overstand what it is. The word ‘gout’ was once called by the Egiptians as podagra meaning, “Foot pain”. Later named by the Greeks as “The un-walkable disease”. However, the first person to use the term ‘gout’ was a Dominican monk named Randolphus of Bocking. The word gout comes from the Latin word ‘gutta’ meaning “drop”, which alludes to the high levels of uric acid seeping or dropping into the joints. So gout is when the body has high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream, urine & tissues. This is usually caused by a highly acidic diet such as: high intake of animal flesh, fried foods, dairy products, processed foods, seafood, sodas, alcohol, cigarettes etc. (THE HOLY TABLETS CH.7 TABLET 12 VS 24-29)

“Contrary to the popular concept, it is not vegetarians who do not get enough protein, but rather heavy meat eaters who take in an excess of protein. Animal protein contains a high concentration of uric acid, which is a nitrogen compound similar to ammonia. It is not water soluble and cannot be broken down by the liver. Thus, though a certain amount is eliminated, the greater portion of uric acid is deposited in the joints. The results of this is referred to as arthritis.” This acid continues to build and eventually solidifies causing what is called gout, and leaves the body in a acidic state. Now that the body is in an acidic state, the digestive enzyme ‘uricase’ is unable to convert the uric acid to allatoin.

Allatoin is much easier than uric acid to pass through the body as it is soluble. Scientist say that the human body doesn’t produce uricase anymore through evolution. However, most of us bombard our bodies with foods not giving the body time to eliminate the previous meal which causes the excess acid to build in the body and eventually crystalize in the joints. It is the crystalized uric acid that is causing the pain as the crystals form the shape of pins and needles penetrating through the joints (mainly the big toe).

How do you heal gout?

The first thing would be to fully detox the body of the excess acid and mucus in the body by cleansing the colon, blood, and internal organs. Remove junk foods, meat, seafood, from the diet which causes acid build up in the body. Also drink plenty of water, preferably alkaline water or if you are fortunate, natural spring water from the earth. Water is very important when trying to flush toxins out of the body. In order to heal, one must also have to practice positive thinking, trying not to stress your mind or the body. Meditate while focusing on yourself healing the dis-ease, so that you can be at ease inside out, and outside in.

Herbs are key in healing gout. Here are a list of herbs that assist in eliminating acid out of the body: Burdock Root, Juniper berries, Devils claw, Uva Ursi, dandelion root, yellow dock root, nettle, mullien leaf, kalawalla, alfalfa leaves, nopal cactus powder (prickly pear) to name a few.

With a change of diet, and the right herbs, you can reclaim your health. Your health is sacred!

“Proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking are the requisite attendant that lead to a healthy dynamic, and effective existence.” (The Holy Tablets ch. 7 Tablet 11 vs 1-2)

References: Medical Encylopedia, and The Holy Tablets

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