We have an extensive herbal selection— locally grown herbs and herbs that are indigenous to a specific region because when grown there, they will yield the best medicinal results.  We have been in business with our trusted partners for over a decade to ensure high quality herbs, roots and powders.  


Only whole, medicinal-grade herbs with abundant phyto-nutrients and medicinal potency are selected for our store.  All herbs on average pass 15 tests before reaching us​.  These lab tests consist of the Organoleptic Visual Check, Acid-Insoluble Ash Test, Pesticide Test and Individual Heavy Metal Tests to name a few. 


Our trusted partners further ensure authenticity of our herbs by using electron microscopy to examine the cellular structure of the herb.

Our herbs are repeatedly cleansed and rinsed in water that has been softened and purified to high standards to remove dirt and other impurities— NEVER with tap water containing heavy metals from tap water, or industrial solvents.