About Our Herbs

We have an extensive herbal selection— locally grown herbs and herbs that are indigenous to a specific region because when grown there, they will yield the best medicinal results.  We have been in business with our trusted partners for over a decade to ensure high quality herbs, roots and powders.  


Only whole, medicinal-grade herbs with abundant phyto-nutrients and medicinal potency are selected for our store.  All herbs on average pass 15 tests before reaching us​.  These lab tests consist of the Organoleptic Visual Check, Acid-Insoluble Ash Test, Pesticide Test and Individual Heavy Metal Tests to name a few. 


Our trusted partners further ensure authenticity of our herbs by using electron microscopy to examine the cellular structure of the herb.

Our herbs are repeatedly cleansed and rinsed in water that has been softened and purified to high standards to remove dirt and other impurities— NEVER with tap water containing heavy metals from tap water, or industrial solvents.


About Sacred Rootz, LLC

Greetings! Thank you for visiting Sacred Rootz, LLC! Sacred Rootz, LLC was created to provide a natural source of healing, which Mother nature has and continues to provide for us unselfishly. With the many distractions and  technologies of the world, we as a people have forgotten about our roots and have become out of tune with nature. 


We have observed through customers and television that the western concept of medicinal cures result in more side effects than healing. “Alternative medicine” (alter=change, native=born of nature, original inhabitant), as the western world calls it, has been replaced as the first choice of healing with synthetic unnatural drugs. 


We don’t call herbs, ”Alternative Medicine," for this is the original and first means of healing, unlike synthetic medicines. Synthetic means, “fake or artificial,” and nothing artificial can heal a natural body. We encourage people to return to their natural nature and then one will see that their whole being is sacred. 


Here at Sacred Rootz, LLC, we strive to educate that "livit" (or so called DIEt), lifestyle and spirituality play an important role in your health and well-being. At Sacred Rootz, all herbs are grown organically for optimal healing. On our site, you will find herbs to heal you and your family, discussion on food choices the pros and cons, spirituality, knowledge of the different systems of the body, and true caring about your health and well being.  

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Shipping & Pickup Orders


Majority of our orders ship out same day!  However, please allow up to 10 business days for shipping.  We also offer 3-day expedited shipping for $35.99.  If your item is out of stock before we are able to update our site, you will be contacted and partially refunded.  If you want to place a bulk order (1lb+), please email sacredrootz9@yahoo.com, subject line: Bulk Order.

Occasionally popular items sell out before we can update their status on our website. In the event you have placed an order with us and an ordered item is out-of-stock, you will be contacted within 4 days after your order has been placed to inform you when we anticipate your order to ship.

International Shipping 

If shipping outside of the US, please check with customs agencies to ensure that the product you are purchasing is allowed to be imported. PLEASE NOTE: SACRED ROOTZ LLC is not responsible for items rejected from import or by customs.

Pick up orders

You will be notified via email once your order is ready for pickup.  Typically, orders are ready within 1-5 business days.